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Fixed fees and absolutely no hidden charges

We’re proud of our competitive accountancy fees, and that’s why we don’t hide them behind complex charging structures.

The form below will give you an all inclusive price for the services covered, tailored to the size and shape of your business and its requirements.

Fixed fees

The primary issue with a traditional accountants’ approach is that a fee structure for the work involved is not agreed up front, but instead an hourly rate is used with no timescale attached. This often leads to fees that far exceed the expectations of the client, leaving them with no choice but to pay the over-inflated bill.

We’re well aware that for a new business a big bill can have dramatic effects throughout the rest of your business, and in some cases might even mean the difference between success and failure.

Transparent pricing structures and affordable fees

We provide truly comprehensive ‘all-in-one’ accountancy packages for a single low-cost monthly fee.

We believe strongly in being very transparent about what is being charged for and when.

Wherever possible we offer fixed fees for a item of work rather than charging you for every minute of our time.

As everyone's circumstances are different please treat this section as a guide to the likely rates charged.

Please feel free to get into contact for a formal quotation.

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